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ENSO is a new player in the real estate market of Ukraine

13. 04. 2018

ENSO is inspired by the idea of meaningful construction, creating not square meters, but comfortable living conditions. That’s why we were thinking over what exactly makes a house – a Home.

Creative team of Grape Digital agency at ENSO request considered the following concepts: meanings, associations and emotions make the phenomenon of Home.

The house in video is familiar to everyone. The most significant things happen there. One wants to come back home from work or travel, invite friends or spend an evening in a close family circle. You cherish the memories of Home while being thousands of kilometers away. That’s the place for people’s stories which they fill with their special meanings and share with others.

Each shot of the video is focused on round objects. It reflects the company's logo through which a viewer can observe the life of the house and its inhabitants.

ENSO – filling the space with meaning!