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The Statament of the company owner

25. 01. 2023

Dear clients and partners!

As the owner of ENSO, I am writing to you in connection with the fact that a whole layer of different material has appeared in the information space, including a story posted by the Bihus.Info project team about the construction market.

Since I take everything related to the company I founded personally and close to my heart, I consider it necessary to voice my position regarding the widespread false information.

It is unfortunate that the respected investigator was unable to contact personally with me, the company's press officer, as well as the company's CEO Ramil Mekhtiiev, with whom representatives of all interested media traditionally communicate. It is also unfortunate that media representatives contacted me for a comment a few days before the release of the story, because according to them, they conducted their investigation and studied the documents for several months.

It is important to note that there are objective reasons why I cannot promptly respond to such requests. Indeed, since February 26, 2022, I have been a fighter of the Territorial Defense of the Kyiv region, whose duties I have been fulfilling to this day. Moreover, they tried to contact me from unknown numbers, which looked extremely suspicious, because I am an active TDF officer in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, my military service does not affect the company's life.

The film on you-tube mentions famous participants in the construction market: investors, developers, specialized financial companies.

At the same time, the investigator refers to the developer ENSO, one of the key market participants, as a “shell company”, which, I think, struck not only me, but also many others who as shocking because ENSO employs more than 200 management people and specialists of various profiles providing developer functions.

Also extremely strange was the statement that nothing happens at construction sites managed by ENSO. Since, as you know, since the end of August, ENSO resumed and carried out work until the moment when the energy situation worsened to a well-known level as a result of shelling.

In general, it makes no sense to refute all the false statements given in the story, because if the journalists gave us more time, we could provide facts and explain how the development business works.

I want to note once again that you know the co-owners of ENSO - Andrii Rudenko and Ramil Mekhtiiev, and this information is available in open sources. We conduct our activities morally and in the legal field. Like many thousands of other companies in Ukraine, we suffer losses from Russian aggression, but we do not plan to stop operations and will continue to fulfill our obligations to customers and partners.

Me and the ENSO team are doing everything that depends on us for the sake of the Victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

Andrii Rudenko, owner of the ENSO company