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Corporate Social Responsibility

09. 02. 2021

We consider that the foundations of cultural policy reinforce the importance of developing culture and increasing the quality of life, dynamic development and unity of cultural space and state unity as a whole. Our corporate social responsibility has always been and will be customer care and taking under the patronage of organizations.

And we follow to social and environmental responsibility associated with our position as a developer on the Ukrainian real estate market. Since we believe that this is the basis for the development of the quality of life in our country.

An important direction in our corporate policy is the solution of such problems as establishing feedbacks with investors and consumers, considering their complaints and suggestions, taking into account environmental risks.

Being socially responsible, effectively solving our business problems, we strive to combine our economic success and the movement towards social well-being and environmental safety.

Green standards
Formation of a healthy environment. In this area, CSR initiatives are aimed at reducing the impact of construction throughout the entire life cycle of a building. BREEAM certification. Ensuring environmental protection and preserving it for future generations.

Our team
Family values are at the base of our effective corporate culture. We implement our CSR initiatives through an attentive attitude to the needs of our staff. We strive to create opportunities and help unleash the full professional potential of our employees through regular training programs, and facilitate the exchange of international experience among employees. We develop activities to motivate and stimulate the staff of our company.

Social work and charity
Creating a better future by promoting the development of children's sports. We understand our responsibility to society and want to germinate the seed of a successful, cultured, healthy Ukrainian society, because we believe that children are our future. Keeping a balance between creation and development of an effective infrastructure for full-fledged sports activities for all age categories of the population of Kyiv.